I tried to spend it on an eBook but as I live in the UK I

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In Salem itself, the participants in the witchcraft scare agreed with the last position. Witches could exist and threaten a community. Colonial Americans felt compelled to find witches and root them out. I genuinely don’t buy replica bags online understand how this is abuse. I take my 4 year olds stuff away when he refuses to pick up, isnt this just a form of that? Maybe a bit extreme. Or is it different? Honestly, without sarcasm or snark, I don’t get it..

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And the vast majority of them don ever do anything as stupid and evil as this, so they just go on doing their thing indefinitely.One of the worst things is that while these assholes were busy bullying the public, actual crime was getting ignored. Because what easier? Harass citizens who can stand up to you, or do hard work to find bad people, who may well try to harm you when you come after them?It been followed pretty closely from the beginning on BCND, but the big subreddits and actual news outlets are so burned out on police bullshit that they don even want to hear it any more. “Cops kill citizen under sketchy circumstances” is so normal, replica bags it no longer qualifies as news.I figured that between the dead child, complete lack of justification, evidence of pre meditation, and actual murder charges, this story might be extreme enough to bust through the numbness layer and actually get some traction.

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