I’m sure more words will come out in time

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Canada Goose Parka Why modern boss with old school steel Mauricio Pochettino is perfect for Man UtdA look at his career shows how Tottenham’s Pochettino ticks so many boxes for United but getting him will be a battle(Image: Action Images via Reuters)Not long after his January 2013 appointment, Pochettino took Southampton to Barcelona, where canada goose parka black friday he played for and later managed Espanyol, and was keen to treat everyone on the trip to a meal at one of the Catalan city’s famous canada goose outlet parka restaurants.When he discovered some Saints staff couldn’t make it because of their heavy workload, he simply paid for them to go there the next day to ensure they didn’t miss out on the experience.Pochettino’s determination to foster a spirit of buy canada goose uk togetherness has continued during his transformation job at Spurs, where he is again known to have taken staff out for bonding meals.That is a sign of some of his biggest qualities his man management and people skills. His ability to influence and motivate.As well as having all the required tactical knowledge and canada goose outlet uk review football understanding, Pochettino also epitomises the modern manager canada goose outlet store uk with his ability to handle the modern player.(Image: AFP)He developed such strong relationships with many players at Southampton such as Luke Shaw, Adam Lallana and James Ward Prowse that they remain in touch.At Tottenham, Danny Rose calls him a “father figure”, while the likes of Dele Alli, Harry Kane and Harry Winks have similarly close relationships with the 46 year old.Pochettino, who only retired as a player in 2006, can empathise with modern footballer as he did recently in his office with Spurs’ latest canada goose ebay uk prodigy Olivier Skipp, joking with the youngster about how calm he was ahead of his full debut against Burnley compared to the state he himself got in before his own back in the day.He watches a lot of football from around the world and is known to fire off WhatsApp messages to his players whenever he sees someone else do something that might be relevant to one of his stars, whether it is something they can learn from or already do better. Such little things make a big difference.To those who have seen him at work first hand, it is no surprise players produce more for Pochettino, love him, believe in him and are ready to go into battle for him.His warmth instantly strikes those who meet him. Canada Goose Parka

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