You could throw sealer rings at bottles and you could throw

The gym was an echo chamber of shrill hysteria. You could throw sealer rings at bottles and you could throw darts at balloons and you could throw bean bags at a plywood clown with holes where his hands and feet and nose were supposed to be. Getting a bean bag through his nose was worth 50 points, though there was no particular reason why..

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Lukas Sillinger, with two goals, James Miller, Luke Loheit, Mason Snell, Massimo Rizzo and Jack Lagerstrom scored for Penticton (23 11 1 2), which led 2 0 and 6 1 at the period breaks. Loheit had a three point night, as he also recorded two assists. Mike Hardman and Chase Dubois replied for West Kelowna (22 15 0 1).

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