But within a few hours, SETI scientists had identified the

I am totally optimistic that sometime in the very near future, families young and old shall find the proper course and no longer hold a lost status but reestablishing their happiness once again. No longer will those who help to make up a particular family will be lost in their space in their homes. Hold on help is on the way!..

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Ambition is what makes Donna Tartt’s The Goldfinch my novel of the year: Jumbo sized, coincidence laced, it’s Dickensian in its cast of characters and range of emotions. In fact, there’s a lot of David Copperfield in the main character, Theo Decker, who’s 13 when the Replica Handbags sudden death of his mother propels him on a cross country odyssey that includes a season in hell in Las Vegas and brushes with the Russian mob. Always yearning for his lost mother, Theo is like the goldfinch in the 17th century Dutch painting that gives this extraordinary novel its name: an alert yellow bird “chained to a perch by its twig of an ankle.”.

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