You want to give people a reason to return

awkward slip of the tongue in jeremy hunt comment

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I try some of these (in no particular order):Inband SPANs on all of the devices involved. Just run it continuously for OSPFOSPF packet debug (Don know your entire topology, but looks like it might not be chatty. Use proper debug practices for chatty debugs though)Check CoPP.

Make a separate section for the references and mention them in the end Keep this section in a new page Make separate subheads for professional and personal references Give in details like the name of the person, his or her designation or relationship you have with them, their contact details Make sure you know the current whereabouts of the people you are putting in Before submitting the resume, check and update it These details are important for a reason. Contact details ensure that the Designer Replica Bags references are genuine and reliable. At the same time the designation is valuable as it may turn in your favor if the person holds a good position.

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